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Business Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
H430:F291An Introduction to BusinessLevel 3/KS5OCRMeeting the needs and conflicting views of stakeholders. Significance of labour. Accountability. Corporate Objectives. Moral & Ethical. View Resources
H430:F292Business FunctionsLevel 3/KS5OCRMarketing Objectives. Purpose of budgeting. Investment Decisions. Motivation and Leadership.View Resources
H430:F293MarketingLevel 3/KS5OCRMarketing: Other factors and decisions. View Resources
H430:F294AccountingLevel 3/KS5OCRAccounting perspective in relation to other factors and decisions.View Resources
H430:F295People in OrganisationsLevel 3/KS5OCRHuman resources in relation to other factors and decisions. Impact of individual behaviour. Employer/employee relations.View Resources
H430:F297Strategic ManagementLevel 3/KS5OCRMoral and ethical issues. Environmental issues.View Resources
Unit 1Developing New Business IdeasLevel 3/KS5EdexcelCharacteristics of Entrepeneurs. What makes a market?View Resources
Unit 2aManaging the BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelEffects of social trends on marketing mix. Effects on business of price changes. Budgets. Managing other people.View Resources
Unit 2bBusiness EconomicsLevel 3/KS5EdexcelCompetition. How managers can get the best from staff. Small business.View Resources
Unit 3International BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelInternational Markets. Responsibility to stakeholders. Globalisation. Multinationals.View Resources
Unit 4aMaking Business DecisionsLevel 3/KS5EdexcelConflicts between stakeholders. Corporate culture and strategy.View Resources
Unit 4bThe Wider Economic Environment and BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelMarket failure. Regulated markets.View Resources
Unit 1[6916]GCE Applied Business: Investigating People at WorkLevel 3/KS5EdexcelBusiness aims and objectives and how businesses obtain employees.View Resources
Unit 6[6921]GCE Applied Business: Investigating PromotionLevel 3/KS5EdexcelConstraints on promotion View Resources
Unit 12[6927]GCE Applied Business: International Dimensions of BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelThe ethical and moral dimensions of international scale business activitiesView Resources
Unit 14[6929]GCE Applied Business: External influences on BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelView Resources
BUSS1Planning and Financing a BusinessLevel 3/KS5AQAStarting a Business: Motive for becoming an entrepreneur. Employing People. Setting Budgets: reasons for View Resources
BUSS2Managing a BusinessLevel 3/KS5AQAPeople in Business: Improving organisational structures. Recruitment process. Operations Management: overtime, hiring staff. quality standards. Working with suppliers. Marketing and Competitive Environment.View Resources
BUSS3Strategies for SuccessLevel 3/KS5AQAFinancial, marketing and operational objectives.View Resources
BUSS4The Business Environment and Managing ChangeLevel 3/KS5AQADiffering stakeholder perspectives. Economic, business and social environment. Managing change.View Resources
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Economics Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
F581Markets in ActionLevel 3/KS5OCRThe reason for individuals, organisations and societies having to make choices. Market failure and government intervention.View Resources
F583Economics of Work and LeisureLevel 3/KS5OCRThe distinction between work and leisure. Market structures and competitive behaviour in leisure markets: Firm's objectives.View Resources
Unit 1Competitive Markets - How they work and why they failLevel 3/KS5EdexcelScarcity and production possibility frontiers. Division of labour. Free market and mixed economies. Function of the price mechanism. Externalities.View Resources
Unit 2Managing the EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelInvestment, benefits and costs of growth macroeconomics: supply-side policies.View Resources
Unit 3Business Economics and Economic EfficiencyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelFirms' objectives, perfect competition and monopoly.View Resources
Unit 4 The Global EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelEffects of globalisation. Limits to and ways of promoting growth and development.View Resources
ECON1Markets and Market FailureLevel 3/KS5AQAScarcity and production possibility frontiers. Value judgements. Division of labour. Free market and mixed economies. Price elasticity of demand. Waste disposal. Cost benefit analysis.View Resources
ECON2The National EconomyLevel 3/KS5AQAThe objectives of government economic policy. Economic growth.View Resources
ECON3Business Economics and the Distribution of IncomeLevel 3/KS5AQAIssues of business growth - the cost to other businesses and consumers; the benefit in R&D. Monopoly and competition policy and laws against restrictive practices. Business objectives other than profit maximisation.View Resources
ECON4The National and International EconomyLevel 3/KS5AQAConsequences of globalisation for developing and developed countries. Free trade and the right of protectionism. Fair trade schemes. ***For an understanding of the importance of the City of London to the trade in financial services see the 'Money & Morals Stock Market course'.View Resources
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Religious Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
G571AS Philosophy of ReligionLevel 3/KS5OCRReligion and science: religious responses to challenges posed by scientific views.View Resources
G570JudaismLevel 3/KS5OCRThe importance of the Tenakh and Talmud for Jewish belief and life today.View Resources
G582A2 Religious EthicsLevel 3/KS5OCRThe use of ethical language. Free will and determinism: the influences of genetics, environment and social conditioning on moral choices; the implications for moral responsibility. Environmental and business ethics.View Resources
RSS01Religion and Ethics 1Level 3/KS5AQAEuthanasiaView Resources
RSS02Religion and Ethics 2Level 3/KS5AQAEnvironmentView Resources
Unit 3AReligion and EthicsLevel 3/KS5AQAScience and technology.View Resources
Unit 4CTopic II - Ways of Moral Decision-MakingLevel 3/KS5AQABusiness practice and economics. Medical research and medical developments.View Resources
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