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Money & Morals business ethics case studies will enhance your student's understanding of religious studies.

Each case study presents a scenario in which ethical aspects must be considered. The materials:

  • Make students aware of issues of national and global concern within the spiritual and moral context.
  • Allow students to make connections between belief and action.
  • Develop student's awareness of how science and religion interact.
  • Help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills through the study of religion.

Religious Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
G571AS Philosophy of ReligionLevel 3/KS5OCRReligion and science: religious responses to challenges posed by scientific views.View Resources
G572AS Religious EthicsLevel 2/KS4OCRThe case studies, questions and discussion points can be used as a platform for discussing euthanasia or genetic engineering.View Resources
G570JudaismLevel 3/KS5OCRThe importance of the Tenakh and Talmud for Jewish belief and life today.View Resources
G582A2 Religious EthicsLevel 3/KS5OCRThe use of ethical language. Free will and determinism: the influences of genetics, environment and social conditioning on moral choices; the implications for moral responsibility. Environmental and business ethics.View Resources
3931Religious Studies B (Philosophy and Ethics)Level 2/KS4OCRTopic 3: Religion and Science Topic 7: Religion and Medical ethicsView Resources
R468Religious StudiesLevel 2/KS4OCRReligion and Science: Environmental issues. Religion and Medical Ethics: fertility treatment, euthanasia, animals in medical research.View Resources
J620/J621Religious Studies A (World Religions) B (Philosophy and Applied Ethics)Level 2/KS4OCRUnit B603: EthicsView Resources
4051/4052Religious Studies A : Religious Beliefs and LifestylesLevel 2/KS4AQAEthics issues within the various religions units. Euthanasia, fertility treatments, genetic engineering, personal responsibility, the environment, animal research.View Resources
4056/4057Religious Studies B: Ethics, Philosophy and ReligionLevel 2/KS4AQAUnit 1 Topic 3:Religion and Work. Unit 2 Topic 1:Religion and Animal Rights. Topic 2:Religion and Planet Earth. Unit 3 Topic 1:Medical Ethics Topic 2:Attitudes to the Elderly and Death.View Resources
RSS01Religion and Ethics 1Level 3/KS5AQAEuthanasiaView Resources
RSS02Religion and Ethics 2Level 3/KS5AQAEnvironmentView Resources
Unit 3AReligion and EthicsLevel 3/KS5AQAScience and technology.View Resources
Unit 4CTopic II - Ways of Moral Decision-MakingLevel 3/KS5AQABusiness practice and economics. Medical research and medical developments.View Resources
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