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Money & Morals business ethics case studies will enhance your student's understanding of economic concepts and limitations in real-world phenomena.

Each case study presents a scenario in which ethical aspects must be considered. The material can be used to: 

  • Make students aware of the basic concepts of supply and demand.
  • Develop students' awareness of ways in which markets fail
  • Provide an understanding of the wider economic and social environment
  • Encourage critical thinking and values within students
You may find additional relevant case studies by using the search function or under different subject tabs.


Economics Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
F581Markets in ActionLevel 3/KS5OCRThe reason for individuals, organisations and societies having to make choices. Market failure and government intervention.View Resources
F583Economics of Work and LeisureLevel 3/KS5OCRThe distinction between work and leisure. Market structures and competitive behaviour in leisure markets: Firm's objectives.View Resources
A591How the Market WorksLevel 2/KS4OCRHow competitive markets work and determination of price in a competitive market. The impact factors have upon a business operating in a competitive market.View Resources
A592How the Economy WorksLevel 2/KS4OCRObjectives of government policies and government income and expenditure.View Resources
A593The UK Economy and GlobalisationLevel 2/KS4OCRless developed countries and the benefit of international trade.View Resources
Unit 1Competitive Markets - How they work and why they failLevel 3/KS5EdexcelScarcity and production possibility frontiers. Division of labour. Free market and mixed economies. Function of the price mechanism. Externalities.View Resources
Unit 2Managing the EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelInvestment, benefits and costs of growth macroeconomics: supply-side policies.View Resources
Unit 3Business Economics and Economic EfficiencyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelFirms' objectives, perfect competition and monopoly.View Resources
Unit 4 The Global EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelEffects of globalisation. Limits to and ways of promoting growth and development.View Resources
ECON1Markets and Market FailureLevel 3/KS5AQAScarcity and production possibility frontiers. Value judgements. Division of labour. Free market and mixed economies. Price elasticity of demand. Waste disposal. Cost benefit analysis.View Resources
ECON2The National EconomyLevel 3/KS5AQAThe objectives of government economic policy. Economic growth.View Resources
ECON3Business Economics and the Distribution of IncomeLevel 3/KS5AQAIssues of business growth - the cost to other businesses and consumers; the benefit in R&D. Monopoly and competition policy and laws against restrictive practices. Business objectives other than profit maximisation.View Resources
ECON4The National and International EconomyLevel 3/KS5AQAConsequences of globalisation for developing and developed countries. Free trade and the right of protectionism. Fair trade schemes. ***For an understanding of the importance of the City of London to the trade in financial services see the 'Money & Morals Stock Market course'.View Resources
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