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Business Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
J253: A291Business Studies: Marketing and EnterpriseLevel 2/KS4OCRAnalyse and discuss the effects of ethical issues on marketing. Enterprise: The nature of risk taking, factors that can lead to the success/failure of a business.View Resources
J253:A292Business Studies: Business and PeopleLevel 2/KS4OCRobjectives of different stakeholders, understanding of social enterprise. Factors in recruitment.View Resources
J253:A293Business Studies: Production, Finance and the External Business Environment.Level 2/KS4OCRInfluences on the choice of finance. Knowledge of competitive and monopoly markets. The whole of: Environmental influences and business ethics.View Resources
J230:A265Business and Communication SystemsLevel 2/KS4OCRBusiness Activity. Ethics and social responsibilityView Resources
J213/226:A241Applied Business:Business in actionLevel 2/KS4OCREmployers/employees rights and responsibilities. Business within society: Ethics and sustainability.View Resources
J213/226:A242Applied Business: Making your mark in businessLevel 2/KS4OCRCompetition. Customers: importance and needs. View Resources
H430:F291An Introduction to BusinessLevel 3/KS5OCRMeeting the needs and conflicting views of stakeholders. Significance of labour. Accountability. Corporate Objectives. Moral & Ethical. View Resources
H430:F292Business FunctionsLevel 3/KS5OCRMarketing Objectives. Purpose of budgeting. Investment Decisions. Motivation and Leadership.View Resources
H430:F293MarketingLevel 3/KS5OCRMarketing: Other factors and decisions. View Resources
H430:F294AccountingLevel 3/KS5OCRAccounting perspective in relation to other factors and decisions.View Resources
H430:F295People in OrganisationsLevel 3/KS5OCRHuman resources in relation to other factors and decisions. Impact of individual behaviour. Employer/employee relations.View Resources
H430:F297Strategic ManagementLevel 3/KS5OCRMoral and ethical issues. Environmental issues.View Resources
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Economics Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
F581Markets in ActionLevel 3/KS5OCRThe reason for individuals, organisations and societies having to make choices. Market failure and government intervention.View Resources
F583Economics of Work and LeisureLevel 3/KS5OCRThe distinction between work and leisure. Market structures and competitive behaviour in leisure markets: Firm's objectives.View Resources
A591How the Market WorksLevel 2/KS4OCRHow competitive markets work and determination of price in a competitive market. The impact factors have upon a business operating in a competitive market.View Resources
A592How the Economy WorksLevel 2/KS4OCRObjectives of government policies and government income and expenditure.View Resources
A593The UK Economy and GlobalisationLevel 2/KS4OCRless developed countries and the benefit of international trade.View Resources
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Citizenship & PSHE Education Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
A341Rights and ResponsibilitiesLevel 2/KS4OCRAll case studies in the 'Money & Morals' units entitled 'rights and responsibilities' are relevant to Paper A341.View Resources
A343Rights and Responsibilities - extending our knowledge and understandingLevel 2/KS4OCRImportance of ethical behaviour and social responsibility in enterprise and business. Sustainable development on local, national and global scales. Role of media.View Resources
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Science Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
J265: P1Physics: Energy for the HomeLevel 2/KS4OCRKeeping homes warmView Resources
J265: P2Living for the FutureLevel 2/KS4OCRCollecting energy from the Sun. Fuels for Power. Generating Electricity.View Resources
J265: P3Forces for TransportLevel 2/KS4OCREnergy on the move.View Resources
J265: P4Radiation for lifeLevel 2/KS4OCRWhat is radioactivity?View Resources
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English Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
A642Imaginative writingLevel 2/KS4OCRCase Study questions and discussion points allow students to develop accurate writing and fluency skills.View Resources
A643Speaking and listeningLevel 2/KS4OCRCase studies are a platform for your students to demonstrate: individual extended contribution; group activity; drama-focussed activity.View Resources
A652Speaking, listening and spoken languageLevel 2/KS4OCRCase studies are a platform for your students to: respond appropriately to the questions and views of others; participate in a range of real-life contexts; select and use a range of dramatic techniques.View Resources
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Religious Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
G571AS Philosophy of ReligionLevel 3/KS5OCRReligion and science: religious responses to challenges posed by scientific views.View Resources
G572AS Religious EthicsLevel 2/KS4OCRThe case studies, questions and discussion points can be used as a platform for discussing euthanasia or genetic engineering.View Resources
G570JudaismLevel 3/KS5OCRThe importance of the Tenakh and Talmud for Jewish belief and life today.View Resources
G582A2 Religious EthicsLevel 3/KS5OCRThe use of ethical language. Free will and determinism: the influences of genetics, environment and social conditioning on moral choices; the implications for moral responsibility. Environmental and business ethics.View Resources
3931Religious Studies B (Philosophy and Ethics)Level 2/KS4OCRTopic 3: Religion and Science Topic 7: Religion and Medical ethicsView Resources
R468Religious StudiesLevel 2/KS4OCRReligion and Science: Environmental issues. Religion and Medical Ethics: fertility treatment, euthanasia, animals in medical research.View Resources
J620/J621Religious Studies A (World Religions) B (Philosophy and Applied Ethics)Level 2/KS4OCRUnit B603: EthicsView Resources
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