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Business Studies Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
Unit 1Developing New Business IdeasLevel 2/KS4EdexcelCompetitive advantage. Enterprise. Financial objective. Staff and stakeholders View Resources
Unit 3Business Studies: Building a BusinessLevel 2/KS4EdexcelMarketing. Research & Development. Effective financial management. Ethics in business. Environmental issues. View Resources
Unit 4Business studies: Business Communications Level 2/KS4EdexcelThe effects on businesses of both good and bad communication. Communication with stakeholders.View Resources
Unit 5Business Studies: Introduction to Economic UnderstandingLevel 2/KS4EdexcelStakeholders and Conflict of Interest. Competitiveness. Causes of business failure. Monopoly power. Is the world fair?View Resources
Unit 1Developing New Business IdeasLevel 3/KS5EdexcelCharacteristics of Entrepeneurs. What makes a market?View Resources
Unit 2aManaging the BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelEffects of social trends on marketing mix. Effects on business of price changes. Budgets. Managing other people.View Resources
Unit 2bBusiness EconomicsLevel 3/KS5EdexcelCompetition. How managers can get the best from staff. Small business.View Resources
Unit 3International BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelInternational Markets. Responsibility to stakeholders. Globalisation. Multinationals.View Resources
Unit 4aMaking Business DecisionsLevel 3/KS5EdexcelConflicts between stakeholders. Corporate culture and strategy.View Resources
Unit 4bThe Wider Economic Environment and BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelMarket failure. Regulated markets.View Resources
Unit 14BTEC Diploma in Business: Business EthicsLevel 2/KS4EdexcelAll the case studies as well as ethical perspectives can be used to help students understand ethical values and design an ethical policy.View Resources
Unit 1[6916]GCE Applied Business: Investigating People at WorkLevel 3/KS5EdexcelBusiness aims and objectives and how businesses obtain employees.View Resources
Unit 6[6921]GCE Applied Business: Investigating PromotionLevel 3/KS5EdexcelConstraints on promotion View Resources
Unit 12[6927]GCE Applied Business: International Dimensions of BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelThe ethical and moral dimensions of international scale business activitiesView Resources
Unit 14[6929]GCE Applied Business: External influences on BusinessLevel 3/KS5EdexcelView Resources
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Economics Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
Unit 1Competitive Markets - How they work and why they failLevel 3/KS5EdexcelScarcity and production possibility frontiers. Division of labour. Free market and mixed economies. Function of the price mechanism. Externalities.View Resources
Unit 2Managing the EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelInvestment, benefits and costs of growth macroeconomics: supply-side policies.View Resources
Unit 3Business Economics and Economic EfficiencyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelFirms' objectives, perfect competition and monopoly.View Resources
Unit 4 The Global EconomyLevel 3/KS5EdexcelEffects of globalisation. Limits to and ways of promoting growth and development.View Resources
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Citizenship & PSHE Education Syllabus Links

CodeTitleLevelExam BoardNotes 
Unit 1Citizenship TodayLevel 2/KS4EdexcelRights and responsibilities of consumers, employers and employees. The global community.View Resources
Unit 3Citizenship in ContextLevel 2/KS4EdexcelEnvironmental change and sustainable development. Changing communities and changing decisions in society.View Resources
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