Launch of the new 'Money & Morals' website - 19th May 2011

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  • "I was delighted with the quality of the material… the students responded enthusiastically to its content… Unfortunately, until now there has been practically no material available for teaching business ethics in business education… It is clear that the students have gained a new perspective to the role in the workplace, thanks to this most effective package."
    Teacher's comment
  • "Enthuses and challenges students and an outstanding way to get young people to reflect on moral issues within the curriculum."
    Teacher's comment
  • "The inspired Money & Morals programme is exciting, innovative, proactive and has elicited positive response from both students and staff. Excellent food for thought. Shows conflict between law and ethics… brilliant!"
    Teacher's comment
  • "The ‘Money & Morals’ Programme provides the only excellent resource material for the teaching of business ethics."
    Teacher's comment
  • "Money & Morals is relevant to all subjects as studying ethics ensures there are no double standards. Brilliant for us to prepare for the working world."
    Student's comment
  • "This Programme makes for excellent educational lessons."
    Student's comment
  • "The advertising module did make people think about how effective advertisements are and how aware you have to be of the world around you. It was useful to find out about moral and personal views in this area."
    Student's comment
  • "This is a splendid programme which will increase young people's knowledge and understanding of good ethical business practice in everyday situations. The future businessman and woman, as well as consumers and customers - which means everybody! - will be able to benefit."
    Rosalind Wright, Former Director, The Serious Fraud Office
  • "Money & Morals is a really good step forward... if we can engage students in this debate it will make the world a better place."
    David Blunkett MP
  • "These materials will be extremely useful for teachers of Religious education at Key Stage 4. I recommend them."
    Stephen Lavender, Head of Religious Education, Hertfordshire County Council
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