Money & Morals Samples


  • Course units provide teachers with complete materials for teaching their subject
  • Course units contain: learning objectives, lesson plans, background information, teacher questions and suggested answers
  • Case studies and videos act as lesson triggers for students
  • Case studies contain: a dilemma, questions, further discussions points, practical ethical guidelines
  • Encourage critical thinking, whilst improving analytical skills
  • Online student assessments to complete as homework

We understand that schools are about allocation of resources and adaptability of teaching materials.

  • Money & Morals contains materials to be used cross curricular.
  • It is designed for ease of use; lessons require minimum preparation
  • Complements the syllabus and engages your students.
  • All PDFs and powerpoints can be customised by teachers.

Case Study Samples

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Sample Video Clip - Blind Eye

Child Labour Sample Debt Sample

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